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15. 04. 2020

A changeable season which helped rising the level of our players

This season has been changeable from the start. In the off-season, we recruited a team with the goal of promotion to a Pro B, but for one reason or another, the composition of the team was unpredictable for each game. Compared to last season, we lost players who earned an average of 58.7 points out of our average earnings of 78.6 points. On the one hand, it is a bit unfortunate that we have not been able to put together a team last year and fight for Pro B, but on the other hand, it is understandable that the mission of this team is to prepare players for a higher level and I think we have succeeded. Vuk Radojicic played 1 match in the first team last season, and this season he had 10 matches on the field. Jan Heber played 75 minutes in the first team last season, and this season he spent an average of 10.2 minutes on the pitch. Melvin Jostmann appeared on the pitch in 9 matches this season. Kristopher Krause became a strong player in the Pro B team in Ulm (average 20.4 min, 6.3 points) and even finished 3rd in the Eurocup and 3 BBL. So in my opinion if player from regionalliga can compete with professional players we did a good job. 

Despite all the problems I think this year we had a very good season in which other players got a chance. This year we finished in 6th place with only 1 victory behind the 3rd position. The team was among the leading in some statistical categories: Efficiency 3rd place, Rebounds 2nd place, Assists 2nd place. In the individual categories, Vince Garrett is ranked 9th in rebounds. Blocks Vincent Hofmann 1st place and Vince Garrett 6th place. Efficiency Vince Garrett 6th place. So without having a lot of individually statistically strong players, we were able to achieve a good result as a team. 

Injuries led to the loss of JP Becker, 5 matches without our leader Vince Garrett, 8 games without Dominik Shusel, 9 games without Vincent Hofmann and Julian Foerster. I can be glad that in difficult moments there were players in the team who managed to carry a bigger load or just gain experience for the future: Lorenz Bank, Benjamin Dizdar, Adomas Linartas, Johann Walter, Max Otto, Bartautas Linartas.
A change of mentality was very important for the young players in my opinion. Especially in matches where we didn't always have our leaders, players went on the court not just to play basketball, but to win in each game, regardless of which team was playing. Back last year when I started working with this team, there were quite a lot of competitions that we lose just because we didn't believe to be able to win without older or foreign player, but this year and in the second half of last season we managed to convince players that everything depends on us. This year, the average age of our team was 18, so other teams were much older and more experienced.
I think after this season the team has managed to help many players rise to higher levels again. So I wish the guys a productive summer and get back to the basketball court as soon as possible to pursue new victories and goals.
At the same time, I would like to thank all the staff who were next to the team: assistants, fitness coaches, doctors and office workers. 

Coach Marius Linartas

Wir bedanken uns bei Headcoach Marius Linartas und Cotrainer Hagen Schmidt für die hervorragende Arbeit unter nicht immer einfachen Bedingungen und beglückwünschen zu den sportlichen Ergebnissen. Ein großes Dankeschön geht auch an Athletikcoach Rico May, an den SCJ-„Weimarbeauftragten“ Philipp Aschenbach, an Teammanager Kevin Zwinscher, an Katrin Wolff und Martin Mirsch aus Weimar, die Praxis Dr. Stanek und Frau Dr. Otto sowie alle Eltern, Unterstützer, Sponsoren und Helfer dies- und jenseits der Ilm.